Glass Bottling


automatic PET stretch blow moulding machine

SRM 103, 106,109, 112, 120

A wide range of Models Universal application in bottling plants Outputs from 60 - 250 BPM Efficient Cleaning & Sterlization of bottles Eco - Friendly Suitable for bottles upt to 1 Litre Size Complete removal of Labels and Foils Low Maintenance Cost




01.Auto Loader 08.High Pressure External Spray   Preliminary pray 40C
02.Bottle Discharge 09.Caustic Zone 80C   Main Caustic Soak 65 C
03.Pre-Spray 40 C 10.Hot Water Zone 50 C   Hot Caustic Lye Flushing 5C
04.Main Caustic Soak 65C 11.Hot Water Zone 40C   Hot Caustic Lye Internal Spraying 80C
05.Label Flushing Spray 12.Hot Water Zone 30C   Hot Caustic Lye External Spraying 80C
06.Label Separator 13.Fresh Water Sprays   Hot Water Spray 50 C
07.High Pressure Internal Spray 14.Drip Off Zone   Hot Water Spray 40C



  Fresh Water Spray 30 C
      Fresh Water Spray Ambient
      Drip off Zone


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